Drawing on years of experience inside both government and business, Burstock will advise clients on how to draw up a successful strategy for engagement, both within the United Kingdom and internationally, and then help to ensure successful delivery.

Burstock are currently working with a Central European government to help them plan their international engagement and how to approach international partners. We are also advising them on access to international development funding to improve their infrastructure and introducing them to commercial organisations who can help them deliver. This project currently concentrates on the communications and energy sectors but will expand across other areas of the economy.

Burstock’s experienced team helps clients manage their engagement in the United Kingdom. Where problems occur we can minimize any damage and foster an early return to a productive relationship.

Burstock currently help a major Middle East client to expand and develop their commercial relationship with the United Kingdom. We identify investment opportunities for both Middle Eastern and United Kingdom companies and help them manage their engagement. We run both small investment seminars tailored to a particular sector and bigger commercial conferences.

Burstock provides bespoke reporting and analysis on particular issues of interest. We have a full suite of both traditional and social media products which can be accompanied by commercial and political insights. We can help you know exactly what people are saying about issues and products that matter to you.

Burstock works with a government client to help them keep abreast of what is being said about them in the United Kingdom and assists them in getting their message across.

Burstock designs, builds and executes strategies for governments and large corporations to address economic challenges. We also, given our unique experience, build robust, modern security strategies that take count of the threats that people face today and will face tomorrow – rather than those they faced yesterday.

Burstock is currently working with an African government to help them review their maritime and aviation policies and help them build a strategy which will support their economic development plan.

The world is full of commercial organisations who want to do business both with each other and with governments. We connect them – because we know what governments want and what commerce can provide.

Burstock works with a major US aviation service corporation to market its services to governments across the Middle East, Central Europe and  Africa.