Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence

Burstock provides a full spectrum of advisory and implementation services on defense and intelligence development.

Developing the skills, knowledge, and tools to implement defense and intelligence objectives is of critical importance to achieve organisational and national goals and provide safety and security in an ever more complex world. Burstock’s experience in defense and intelligence makes use of long-standing experience in the UK government and armed forces combined with successfully managing and implementing complex projects across Europe and the Middle East.


Capacity Building

Burstock has extensive experience supporting capability-building projects across a number of diverse areas. These include developing organisational systems, processes, and procedures to support sustainable change as well as developing tailored training plans, coaching and mentoring services and short, medium and long-term capacity building initiatives. Our capacity building experience includes military industrial development strategies as well as leading intelligence-led policing training in areas ranging from counter terrorism to crime scene management, from forensic services to open-source analysis.

Cyber Strategies 

Burstock brings together commercial, government and academic institutions to develop cyber security solutions and training programmes. Burstock can devise a broad cyber curriculum to support training requirements and capacity development activities by enhancing and expanding cyber skills at all levels through accredited courses including malware analysis, incident response, digital forensics, and PENtesting. Additionally, Burstock has conducted comprehensive security reviews and action plans for government agencies and commercial companies. Burstock also focuses on creating large scale cooperative agreements with specialised cyber security, AI/ML quantum computing, cryptography companies to deliver a solution that is tailor-made to address your specific issue.

Policy and Procedure Development

Burstock has supported government organisations in Southern and Central Europe and the Middle East in the development, review and amendment of operational and strategic level policy guidelines. Policy development conducted by Burstock over a number of years has included the development and review of personnel training guidelines, organisational and department structures as well as operating procedures.

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