Business Development

Business Development

Business development is a core component of Burstock’s services.

Our focus has been to provide high level strategic advice, stakeholder and competitor mapping and national entry requirements analysis combined with extensive engagement through Burstock’s contact network.


Market Entry

Burstock has experience designing market entry strategies and technical support for companies seeking to establish themselves in new markets. Burstock makes use of a wide contact network as well as market intelligence, competitor analysis and engagement strategies to support market entry and ensure the client is best placed to achieve their objectives.

Event Management

Burstock has an established record of designing, developing, and implementing bespoke and large-scale events for both corporate and government clients. Working closely with the client, Burstock develops media and thematic design and delivers coordination and logistics on the ground. Burstock understands that organising a top level event is critical for brand recognition and reputation. Events organised in the past include roundtable discussions, industry and organisation specific events, dinners and national level events for government clients alongside corporate events in multiple countries.

Client Activities Include:
  • Private functions supporting client relationship building
  • Roundtables, receptions, workshops, and training events
  • Large-scale events for government or corporate entities
  • Undertaking gap analysis and thematic planning to create bespoke events which address a specific need and are thereby relevant and important
  • Undertaking design and implementation of all media products including brochures, website, and auxiliary products to support event engagement
  • Data management and surveys to support client engagement

Branding, Marketing, and Social Media

Burstock supports government and corporate client to design, develop and implement marketing strategies and branding, either through direct implementation or in an advisory capacity. Burstock support includes strategic planning and thematic messaging, implementation and analysis as well as professional website design and social media distribution tools with required components, media input mechanisms and translation capacity to successfully engage with client’s audience and influence opinions. Since 2021, Burstock has run a number of successful marketing campaigns to influence entities and beneficiaries through online and in-person engagement.

Burstock helps companies prepare and develop new opportunities. We are currently helping two major European multi-nationals and a range of smaller specialist companies in research, market analysis, cultural and organisational profiles, development of strategic plans and client introductions.


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Burstock has offices in:

London, United Kingdom

100 Black Prince Rd, London SE1 7SJ

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

As Sahafah, Olaya St. 6531, 3059 Riyadh 13321