Education Services

Education Services

Burstock’s education services provide a wide range of training and professional development options ranging from skill acquisition and new technologies to coaching and mentoring.


Burstock Education provides support to organisations that want to achieve specific aims through education and capability development. Burstock Education’s experienced team provides advice, training, project management and course design. Through our extensive network of contacts we can build partnerships and relationships with the world’s leading academic and training institutions. Our projects in educational development ranges from the initial scoping and design of educational objectives and curriculum to the implementation of complex training schedules that support the long-term objectives of the students and the client.

Areas of Engagement:
  • Academic research
  • Cyber security
  • Security and Intelligence Training and Capacity Building
  • Skills training
  • Academic partnerships
  • Commercial partnerships


Cyber Strategies

Burstock brings together commercial, government and academic institutions to develop cyber security solutions and training programmes. Burstock can devise a broad cyber curriculum to support training requirements and capacity development activities by enhancing and expanding cyber skills at all levels through accredited courses including malware analysis, incident response, digital forensics, PENtesting. Additionally, Burstock has conducted comprehensive security reviews and action plans for government agencies and commercial companies. Burstock also focuses on creating large scale cooperative agreements with specialised cyber security, AI/ML quantum computing and cryptography companies to deliver a solution that is tailor made to address your specific issue.

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Burstock has offices in:

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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